Hale Manufacturing

The Hale Stratos Low Pressure Laminate (LPL) Partitioning system is a budget alternative used in low abuse, dry areas. It is not suitable for areas subject to high impact or high levels of moisture. With a wide range of LPL colours to choose from and the aluminium edge trim to all edging providing excellent durability and protection against bumps and knocks, the Stratos LPL system is durable and cost effective. 

  • 18mm MDF core with factory applied low pressure laminate to the face
  • All panels have factory fitted natural anodised aluminium edge trim to all edges
  • Cast alloy powder coated standard 150mm pedestal legs or adjustable (80mm – 230mm) supplied as necessary
  • 30mm x 25mm x 3mm silver anodised aluminium channel forming headrail and wall brackets
  • Devon Satin Chrome Plated indicator bolt with large turn lock inside of cubicle and red/green indication with coin operated emergency release to outside
  • Stainless Steel 75mm x 50mm hold open butt hinges
  • Door hook and bumper to all doors
  • Concealed fixed Avanti or Wave coat hook to all doors
  • Sliding door or open outdoor to comply with accessibility requirements
  • Octagonal headrail channel, providing extra strength
  • Powder coating to aluminium trim available
  • Black Hardware available on request
  • Full-length channel at all junctions in lieu of wall brackets, providing extra strength
  • Group 3 Fire rating
  • A system that has been tried and tested for many years in low abuse, dry areas
  • A system that is robust, durable and cost effective in its correct application
  • Aluminium edge trim to all edging, providing excellent durability and protection against bumps and knocks
  • 2 year board warranty
  • 2 year hardware warranty
  • 2 year installation warranty
  • Many colour options. If it is a low pressure laminate, it can be used!