Hale Manufacturing

The Hale Compact Wall Lining System of Hale Manufacturing is of the highest quality. It is comprised of 3mm compact laminate, which provides a hygienic solution for bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, kitchens, and several other areas. Being a solid core product, the compact laminate combines several advantages, making it a top choice across a number of different industries. 

The wall panelling options we have available comes with a wide range of beneficial features. These include:

  • Water resistant for wet areas
  • Anti-microbial hygienic protection
  • Scratch, wear, stain, and impact resistant
  • Hale in-house panels provides a 1-S Fire Rating
  • When using 3mm, a simpler and cost-effective installation system
  • Aluminium jointers, caps, and corners are powder coated to order
  • 1-S Fire Rating

We have different sized panels available to make it easier to suit a variety of spaces and requirements. You can purchase 3mm panelling in either the 2440mm x 1220mm size or the 3660mm x 1525mm size.


We have an extensive range of colours available for change room benches. From bright and bold colours like reds, oranges, and greens, through to more neutral colours like greys and browns, you can have change room benches that match your overall aesthetic preferences.