Hale Manufacturing

Toilet And Shower Partition Systems

Hale Manufacturing Ltd are specialists in manufacturing and installing Toilet and shower Partition systems and are considered the market leader in New Zealand.

We produce systems in either Compact Laminate, MDF or Ply cores. With a range that we have developed to meet all cross-sections of design we strive to provide a product that will meet all aesthetic, budget and functionality requirements for the architect, specifier, developer and builder alike.

Our wide range of stylish panels allow Architects, Specifiers and Developers the freedom to choose a fit for purpose system suitable for any environment and budget.

With more than 60 years in the business, our range of tried and tested systems, coupled with bespoke systems, allows Architects freedom and flexibility with their designs. All Hale Manufacturing panels are pre-finished, reducing potential issues on site and saving time and additional costs.  Hale Manufacturing supply and install nationwide and our systems are available in ready to install flat pack kits, complete with shop drawings and installation guides.

With branches located in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch we cover supply and installation throughout New Zealand and export to the Pacific region.


A 13mm panel, recommended for high and low abuse areas such as toilets and showers. Can be hosed down for cleaning and offers maximum resistance to graffiti


A blade mounted, overhead braced system, suitable for either wet or dry areas and offers great impact and water resistance. Available in either Compact Laminate or Structuralboard.


An 18mm panel system, suitable for dry areas such as toilets and not suitable for areas hosed down for cleaning. Offers a high impact laminate with superior impact resistance.

Freestyle Kindy

A skirt mounted, reduced height system suitable for high abuse wet areas. This system gives privacy for children and easy access for caregivers, offering maximum


An all purpose, robust, durable and cost effective system. Suitable for use from office toilets to wet area commercial situations. Available in Low Pressure Laminate and High Pressure


Ultimate solution for Unisex spaces where full privacy is required. Skirt foot mounted, privacy channels to the floor and either full height to ceiling, or headrails for mid height partitions.


An economical system, recommended for high and low abuse areas such as toilets and showers. Can be hosed down for cleaning and offers maximum resistance to graffiti


A skirt mounted, overhead braced system suitable for wet or dry areas such as toilets and showers. Offers great impact and water resistance. Available in Compact Laminate or

Urinal and Privacy Screens

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Hale Manufacturing’s wide range of panel cores include Compact Laminate, Ply and MDF are available in a variety of thicknesses.


Hale Manufacturing makes specifying our products simple by partnering up with Masterspec. Click here for our specification page or go to www.masterspec.co.nz for the Hale Manufacturing Partitions Specifications.


Hale Manufacturing makes researching our systems simple by partnering up with eboss to assist Architects and Designers get as much information and technical details about our products as possible.



Protec+® antimicrobial technology integrates antimicrobial protection into the Compact Laminate, reducing microbes by up to 99.5%, making the panels more hygienic. Antimicrobial performance tested according to the international standard JIS Z 2801:2000.


Hale Manufacturing provides a warranty on all panels for panel integrity.
Compact Laminate – 10 year panel warranty
Structuralboard – 7 year panel warranty
16mm, 18mm or 30mm MDF core – 2 year panel warranty
18mm Marine Ply core – 2 year panel warranty


Selected Hale Manufacturing partition systems offer lift off emergency hardware for the toilet door to be removed by someone on the outside, in case of an emergency.